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Why EaseMyGST?

EasemyGST is a GST return filing software for enterprises that will help you in everything pertaining to GST compliance. There are multiple options for the upload and exchange of data. You will be able to add multiple GSTIN using a single account and manage all your business activities easily at the same place, using an interactive user- friendly dashboard. Online filing of returns, maintenance of all the filing data and mismatch reconciliation, everything will be seamless and effortless. Know more >>

How is it easy?

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Vendor and Customer

Manage all the Vendors and Customers you trade with, easily at one place. The list of your Vendors and Customers will include all their GST details.

Invoice Generation Utility

Generate GST ready invoices and send them online to your Vendors and Customers for easy transactions.

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single click reconcile

Auto-upload using
ERP Synchronisation

A smooth and continuous connection with your existing ERPs like, Ginesys, SAP, Navision, etc.will help in auto-upload of your ERP data by fetching your invoices automatically.

Simple Interface

The user-interface of the application is very simple, consistent and comprehensive, and even a person with basic technological understanding will be able to navigate through the entire process flow without encountering any difficulty.

tin management
single click reconcile

Single Click Reconciliation

One-click reconciliation of mismatches will make sure that you are able to file your returns accurately in minimal time possible.

TIN Management

Multiple GSTIN can be added to a single PAN. The application has an interactive TIN dashboard that highlights information regarding Customer and Vendor, Returns pending, connecting your ERP. It also facilitates authentication of TIN via OTP.

tin management

Who can use it?



  • Learning and operating in a
    new tax regime.
  • Working for the betterment of
    the country.
  • The whole nation has to be
    made aware of the new
ca firms

CA firms

  • Collaboration for deeper
    impact and better profits.
  • Reach and influence new
  • Added Revenue Stream


  • A summarised and all-
    inclusive analysis of the
    tax-related activities.
  • Single-click bulk reconciliation
    of minor mismatches.
  • Role-specific assignment of
    activities based on work-
    scope and accessibility.
large enterprise

Large Enterprises

  • In-depth analysis and
    management of all business
    units efficiently at one place.
  • Aggregation of GSTINs done
    on a PAN-level.
  • Role-specific assignment of
    activities based on work-
    scope and accessibility.

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GST Filing Demo

Step by step demo on how we have made filing so easy and simple

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Press Releases


Microsoft India ties up with EasemyGST

28th May, 2017

the country gets ready to the new GST (Goods and Services Tax) regime from 1 July, Microsoft India has tied up with India’s “EasemyGST” software, which will help traders in the small scale industries to become GST compliant.

reveals survey

Majority of firms are still not GST-ready, reveals survey

16th May, 2017

With less than 50 days to the rollout of goods and services tax (GST), businesses are on edge about their preparedness...

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GST: Tax headache in India is a bonanza for global accounting firms

11th May, 2017

With seven weeks to go before the nationwide Goods and Services Tax is implemented, Indian companies are rushing to bring in experts to help prepare their accounting and information technology systems for the tax-system overhaul...

press release

Ginesys launches online platform EasemyGST

26th April, 2017

Ginesys, the ERP solution provider company for retail businesses, has launched GST compliance and ERP integrated solution – EasemyGST...

press release

Ginesys’ new solution eases GST filings for businesses in India

26th April, 2017

As businesses in India earnestly await the tax rates for various commodities under the Goods and Services Tax (GST), ERP solution provider Ginesys has launched a comprehensive GST compliance...

press release

Ginesys launches ERP solution for GST compliance

25th April, 2017

New Delhi, Apr 25 (PTI) Retail management solutions provider Ginesys today said it has launched a Goods and Services Tax compliance and enterprise resource planning integrated solution - EasemyGST...